Ana Piacentini

Landscape Designer


Landscape and urban designer Ana Piacentini brings four years of experience as point person and lead designer on multiple project at varied stages from conceptual master planning to  construction documentation. During her four years at Local Office, she designed and detailed a range of residential, public and housing projects throughout New York City, Miami and the Bahamas. With an emphasis on detailed GIS site analysis and ecological research, Ana approaches her work with a focus on local ecologies and water management. Her research interests included collaboration with the Regional Plan Association on a vision for future streets in New York City. In her free time, Ana loves to rock climb, play tennis, read, and experiment with different artistic mediums such as cyanotyping and block printing. Ana graduated with her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Northeastern University in 2019.

Representative Projects:

Southwest “Resiliency” Park Expansion, Hoboken, NJ
Arverne East Nature Preserve, Queens, New York
Bear Mountain State Park Restoration, Bear Mountain, NY
Hart Island Master Plan, Bronx, NY
Packer Collegiate Master Plan, Brooklyn, NY
Arverne East Resilient Neighborhood Masterplan, Arverne, NY*
Beach Green Dunes 3 Housing Development, Arverne, NY*
Grove Central Metro Station, Miami, FL*
Blackwell Park Plaza Restoration, Roosevelt Island, NY*
Southwest Streetscapes Concept Masterplan, Miami, FL*
Beach Outfalls CSO Visioning Plan, Bay St. Louis, MS*

* Work completed prior to joining Starr Whitehouse